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USP’s goal is to teach sports to kids with disabilities alongside their friends

USP actually has little to do with sports and EVERYTHING to do with simply teaching that having friends who are different than ourselves is a great thing and a lot of fun

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Fenway Park
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Most USP programs are run at NO COST to families 
 Kids may not be dropped off 
Adults or older siblings are welcome to take part 
USP is 501c Non-profit run on donations & fundraisers
Westfield State 
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Ultimate Football and Kids Choice

Westfield State’s Parenzo Hall Gym

Saturday November 16th ~ 10 - noon

Ultimate Football and Kids Choice

Programs are run on a  whoever shows basis

Families are encouraged to bring Friends & Family

No signups needed for Saturday Morning programs


Woodard Center Team Building Event

Westfield State University

Tuesday Nov 19th and Nov 26th

2:15 to 3:30pm

A GREAT Free event for kids of all ages, ideal Home School Family activity due to the starting time

College Students put on activities  that teach team building and cooperation.  Including Rock Climbing and Floor Events




Westfield Boys and Girls Club

Monthly Free program  thanks to a donation from the

Crepes Tea House in Southwick

Saturday November 16th from 2:30 to 3:30pm

We have filled up all our  40 spots for this month


USP Skiing Experience

SkiBlandford on January 13th

Open window for Skiing or Snowboarding 3 to 9pm

Free event to the first 40 skiers to Signup
Free spots are full but families can come at a great discount rate of $15 Lift and $15 rentals


USP’s Annual Christmas Party

Interskate 91 in Wilbraham

Friday December 27th from 10 to noon

Includes Roller Skating,  Laser Tag and PlayScape

Open to all families who took part in a USP program or event during 2019 …. Click to Sign-Up

Party is FREE due to donation from




Walt Disney World 2019

December trip starts the 1st full weekend of December


Upcoming Events


Candlepin Bowling at the Agawam Bowl


Christmas Party at Interstate 91 in Wilbraham


UMass Women's & Men's Basketball Experiences










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