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USPís goal is to teach sports to kids with disabilities alongside their friends

USP actually has little to do with sports and EVERYTHING to do with simply teaching that having friends who are different than ourselves is a great thing and a lot of fun

Rock Climbing

Westfield Stateís Woodward Center

Starts on September 27th

Runs 3 Thursday Nights from 6 to 8pm

Signups Start Today

Here are the blocks

9/27 - 6 to 7 & 7 to 8pm

10/4 - 6 to 7 & 7 to 8pm


Please send E-mail with preferred time slots 12 kids for each time slot

October 11th will be open to all


Coming Up

Saturday Morning programs at

Westfield Stateís Parenzo hall Gym

Start on September 22nd

Ultimate Football 10 to 11

Basketball 11 to noon


No Celtics event this year as the only dates I could get are Dec 23 or 25th and the cost of the tickets would have been $80+ (for $125 seats but way too much) Ö Next year we are going to have take part in a pre-season game where we can get cheaper seats at the Garden



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Most USP programs are run at NO COST to families 
 Kids may not be dropped off 
Adults or older siblings are welcome to take part 
USP is 501c Non-profit run on donations & fundraisers
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